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2011-Dec-01Link Out
Argument Against Turbines is for the Birds
An unfortunate incident...has heaped more unwanted attention on the wind industry
2011-Aug-05Link Out
Fact check: Los Angeles Times misleads on safety in wind industry
Following last weekend’s articles citing local anti-wind activists and groups with very little balance, the Los Angeles Times published another article Wednesday with a variety of misleading allegations about allegedly unsafe practices in the wind power industry.
2011-Jun-08Link Out
June 15 is Global Wind Day
Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on 15 June. It is a day for promoting wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world.
2011-Apr-23Link Out
Texas Gets First Wind-Powered Cars
wind powered cars are making their first U.S. appearance in the Lone Star State, courtesy of the alternative energy leader Green Mountain Energy
2011-Apr-19Link Out
Doctors say wind and solar power should replace coal
Doctors, nurses and lung specialists in Ontario will launch an expensive advertising campaign to promote wind and solar power over the continued use of coal plants in Canada’s most populated province.
2011-Apr-12Link Out
Energy Use Down, Renewables Up
The big winner of 2009....was wind with a 32-percent jump from 2008 to 2009. Wind energy grew 32 percent and has more than doubled since 2007
2011-Apr-11Link Out
20% Wind Energy by 2030: Wind, Backup Power, and Emissions
Wind Energy and Climate Change
2011-Mar-19Link Out
“Windfall” Film Offers Greatest Hits of Misinformation
Windfall takes aim at renewable wind energy with misinformation. The following facts set the record straight on a few issues that the movie raises:
2011-Feb-28Link Out
2011 General Assembly Session Concludes: Significant Progress for Renewable Energy Policy
it has been a very productive and successful session for renewable energy legislation, policy development and issue awareness
2010-Dec-17Link In
1603 Reasons To Give Thanks This Holiday
Just before the stroke of midnight last night, the 111th Congress served up some aptly-timed holiday cheer to the wind power industry
The Facts About Wind Energy and Emissions
Anti-wind groups are attempting to defy the laws of physics with their claims.
AWEA Year End 2009 Market Report
The U.S. wind industry broke all previous records by installing close to 10,000 megawatts of new generating capacity in 2009 thanks to Recovery Act incentives. The total installed capacity in the U.S. is now over 35,000 MW. In 2009, 38 manufacturing facilities were brought online, announced or expanded.
Highland Wind Project Receives Final Permit, Starts Construction
Virginia's first wind project broke ground this weekend in Highland County, setting in motion a new era of renewable energy for the Commonwealth. Highland New Wind will build a 38 MW project in western Highland County. Last week, Highland County issued the long-awaited permits paving the way for construction to begin.
Licensed Land Surveyor Explains How the VA-WV Border was Found, not Relocated
I did survey the County and State Line - I did not relocate, move, shift or change the County and State Line. - Jeffrey Hiner, Licensed Land Surveyor
2009-Aug-15Link In
Construction Starts at Highland New Wind
On Saturday Aug 15, 2009 construction of Virginia's first utility-scale windfarm commenced.
2009-Aug-10Link Out
SNL Financial Publishes Article on HNWD Border Dispute
neighbors across the border are now raising concerns about the wind project
2008-Jul-03Link In
HNWD Attends Windpower 2008
Henry and Tal McBride, Highland New Wind principals, attend the American Wind Energy Association Windpower 2008 Conference & Exposition in Houston
U.S. Dept of Energy Releases Long-Awaited Report on Wind
Increasing Wind Energy’s Contribution to U.S. Electricity Supply
2008-Apr-06Link In
Tal McBride Lectures on Windfarm Development at the 2008 Energy Technology Summit
From Visionary Idea to Reality: Permitting and Building Virginia's First Windfarm
Audubon’s Position on Wind Power
Audubon strongly supports properly-sited wind power as a clean alternative energy source that reduces the threat of global warming. Wind power facilities should be planned, sited and operated to minimize negative impacts on bird and wildlife populations.
Permit for VA's First Renewable Project Final
The recent permit for Virginia's first renewable wind project located in Highland County was finalized today as the 30-day deadline for appeal to Commonwealth's Supreme Court of Appeals expired.
SCC Grants Permit for VA's First Renewable Project
The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) has awarded Highland New Wind Development, LLC approval for the commonwealth's first renewable wind project located in Highland County.
I recommend that the Commission approve the application subject to recommended conditions designed to minimize adverse environmental impacts.
Henry McBride Interview on WVLS
interviewed by Carson Rawlston

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